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Exterior Detailing Services

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An approximately 2 to 3 hour service. This is a thorough exterior detail to bring the beauty back to your daily driven vehicle. Service includes:

  • Hand wash and dry- Gentle wash using our Black Cherry car wash and a microfiber mitt. Dried with super soft microfiber towel, guaranteed not to scratch or swirl. Compressed air is used to blow water from cracks and crevices to prevent ugly drips.

  • Wheels, tires and wheel wells cleaned - Ugly, harmful brake dust removed from wheels, tires are cleaned with a degreaser formulated for use on rubber and the wheel wells scrubbed

  • Clay bar treatment - A detailing clay bar treatment pulls embedded contaminants out of the paint, providing a smooth surface for wax to bond

  • Polish and Sealing - Machine polished with a one step polish and polymer sealant. This removes minor swirls, light oxidation, micro-surface imperfections and light oxidation from the clear coat, and leaves behind a layer of high gloss polymer protection lasting up to 4 months. For extended protection up to 6 months, we recommend upgrading to Blackfire Wet Diamond Sealant.

  • Dress Tires and Wheel Wells - Our silicone dressing adds protection and a non greasy shine to tires. Dressing the wheel wells is often overlooked, but gives the tires and wheels a perfect dark background to enhance their appeal

  • Door jambs - Miles of collected grime is cleaned away and an express wax applied to add shine and protection

  • Windows and Mirrors - Windows are cleaned clear and streak free. Invisible Glass window cleaner with a rain repellent is used on exterior window surfaces to aid with vision while driving in the rain. 

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